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Becoming a FDC Educator video

More resources and information about compliance for Family Day Care can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the changes? We regularly ask the Department of Social Services to answer questions from services and place these here. Questions about unmet demand are answered here and also in our CSP Easy Guide which is available here.

If your question is not there, please email us at info@fdcsupport.org.au.

About the Project

As you are aware, changes in the 2014 Budget will mean significant changes to funding for some family day care services. Funding contracts under the Community Support Programme will finish and services will need to reapply for funds under tighter eligibility criteria. There will also be a funding cap limiting how much Community Support Programme funding those services who are eligible can receive. All of this will happen from July 2015.

The Commonwealth Government has funded a transition support project: the FDC Services Education and Support Project to originally assist services between now and July 2015. The project has been extended to July 2016 to educate FDC services about various aspects of compliance for Family Day Care.